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Is It a Fake? Art Forgery Expert Dr. Anheuser Explains

Have you ever wondered about fake art and the authenticators who can tell the difference between real and fake?

Law News

We regularly cover developments and interesting findings in law. For example:

- Police Dashcam Videos Are Public
- Lexmark Sued a Company That Let Buyers Refill Their Ink Cartridges ... and Lost
- College Girl Made Up Rape Allegation, Offered Plea Deal
- Supreme Court Strikes Law Barring Sex Offenders from Social Media
- After False Report of Hate Crime, 3 Women Get Probation
- Girlfriend Charged with Manslaughter for Text Messages
- Canada Bans Cellphone Unlocking Fees, Orders All New Devices Be Unlocked
- 5 Officials Charged with Manslaughter Over Flint Water Crisis
- Student Charged After False Rape Report
- Woman in Divorce Wins More Than Half Assets in Landmark Ruling
- Walgreens Pharmacist Refused to Fill Prescription for Birth Control (Again)
- BC Trials to Take Place in Digital Small Claims Court Now
- Teens Now Have to Get Business Licences to Mow Lawns
- Assange's Sex Charges Dropped
- Swiss Court Fines Man for Liking Defamatory Comment
- Tough Legal Question: The President's Statements VS Acts

Paradigm Shift From Industrial to Knowledge City

In 2017, the idea has come to the fore that there has been a shift towards a knowledge/creative class, and the new method of production is knowledge. 

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Musk Says He's Building a Hyperloop from NY to DC

29 minutes between the centers of the two cities, with up to a dozen entry/exit elevators in each city, is what Elon Musk is talking about n...